Ringo 2012

Ringo Starr & Russell Brand

Hey Beatle-heads…

I went to see my friend Gregg Bissonette play with Ringo Starr yesterday at The Troubadour here in Los Angeles. Gregg is legendary as a studio drummer and has been a mainstay in Ringo’s “All Starr Band” since 2003. This week Ringo was in town to do a live “Town Hall” special for SiriusXM, hosted by the hilarious Russell Brand and renown producer Don Was. I’ve become a Sirius convert myself in the last couple years and can actually say I enjoy listening to radio again thanks to the diversity in music and cool programming events like these.

Ringo Starr and Don Was

Ringo lit up the room and gave a fantastic Q&A for the attending press with his trademark Liverpudlian humor. We were treated to a short set including a song off the new Ringo 2012 album (released today) called “Wings.” This is the first album where Ringo has written every song himself, which he seemed very gratified by.  Joe Walsh dropped in to play  guitar as well. Great way to spend a Monday afternoon. Check out RingoStarr.com for summer tour dates and catch the All Starr Band for a night of peace, love & Beatle tunes from everyone’s favorite drummer if you can.

3 Responses to "Ringo 2012"
  1. 02/01/2012 00:45

    David Shelton

    It’s always great to see Ringo! I had the pleasure of meeting him a few times when I played in Barbara Bach’s daughter Francesca’s band. Such a nice guy! I actually (playfully) hit him in the arm backstage at the Universal Amphitheater before his show. I asked him “So, you gonna rock?” He said “The only place I feel comfortable is up there.” It didn’t dawn on me until later that I’d actually hit a Beatle!

  2. 02/01/2012 02:35

    Brett Tuggle

    Well, glad you didn’t hit him to hard… he’s still got such a great pocket on the drums, just great. I’m always taken with how funny he is. Thanks for the reply and thanks for stopping by David.

  3. 02/01/2012 03:34

    Chad Peery

    Hey Bret. Troubador– what a place so see Ringo! Fortunate is the bass player who gets to play with a drummer like that. I hope he still gets on the drum kit now and then.

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